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Eureka Pizza Testimonial

I have been in business in the area for the last 25 plus years and I have a reputation as a marketer.  Will Gilbrech reached out to me this past spring and offered to help.  My first reaction was probably one of annoyance.  Who did this guy think he was?  I am glad that I am thick-skinned and open to new ideas. I realize now that I was out of good ideas and I needed help.

I hired Will to handle our digital marketing.

Will is a student of advertising and he spends his free time reading the masters.  If legendary names like David Ogilvy, Claude Hopkins and Bill Bernbach sound familiar to you, Will probably knows more about their stories, techniques and philosophy than you or anyone else in America.  Will is devoid of ego which is rare in advertising.  He wants his clients to succeed and he wants his clients to benefit from his work.

Will dove in and interviewed dozens and dozens of people regarding Eureka Pizza and our position in the marketplace.  He purchased market research on his dime to expand the knowledge base. He made bold recommendations to me and did not shy from questioning my deeply held assumptions of my business and my advertising strategy.

If you want a "yes man" to make you feel good, please don't hire Will and his team.  They want the best for their clients and they'll annoy the hell out you to make sure you appreciate the threats and opportunities facing your business.

Will took Eureka Pizza from where we were and drafted a vision of our future using our current strengths and correcting our weaknesses.  It’s common for an ordinary marketing person to suggest an 180 degree turn.  It takes a genius to carefully evaluate where you are now and what should be done to move ahead.  Tossing out 25 years of brand equity would be stupid, but many marketing people are happy to suggest such a radical move to become a hero at the expense of their client.

It was clear early on that although digital is a killer strength of The Gilbrech Group,  Eureka Pizza and the Gilbrech Group would accomplish much more if all forms of advertising were used, so I soon gave Will free reign over all of our marketing.

The results have been impressive - sales at Eureka Pizza are on the increase without using discounts.  We have clarified our position in the marketplace and we have implemented a rebranding effort at a fraction of the investment other agencies would propose. We have reformulated our pizza crust at Will's urging and we are reaping the benefits of positive word of mouth on social media.  Our initiatives are carefully measured, tweaked and implemented to the chagrin of our competitors. Our plan is expansive, powerful and designed for growing our business and our reputation in the marketplace.

If you have used top local, state or national agencies and you feel that you are going backwards instead of forward in these exciting and challenging times, I wholeheartedly suggest you meet with Will for an hour.  His skills, passion and enthusiasm will be apparent and I know you will be glad that you hired the Gilbrech Group to help you achieve your dreams.

Please feel to call me at 479-444-8282 if I can provide additional insight on the the Gilbrech Group.

- Rolf Wilkin, Founder